Tuesday, July 06, 2004


RUXCON Australian Security Conference
This is a fantastic conference to attend and we highly encourage all our members to make the effort to go along and learn more about security issues. RUXCON 2004 will be held over two days at the University of Technology Sydney, Saturday July 10th - Sunday July 11th. Doors open at 8:30am and entry price is $50. MITS will attempt to subsidise some of the entry fee, but exact details are to be finalised (expect $5 to $25 reimbursement). Please email us [MITSociety at Yahoo Com] for contact details.

A list of presentations for RUXCON 2004 is available below:

Win32 local exploits through the 'shatter attack' method - Brett Moore
The Art of Defiling: Defeating Forensic Analysis on Unix File Systems - the grugq
Bluetooth Security: Toothless? - Ollie Whitehouse
Security Impacts of Modern Web Development Technologies - David Jorm
Win32 One-Way Shellcode - SK
A Security Microcosm - Attacking/Defending Shiva, A Linux Executable Encryptor - Shaun Clowes
ELF: A fairy tale for viruses - Daniel Hodson
High Tech Crime Investigations in Australia - Brian Diplock
Reverse Engineering for Malware Analysis - Peter Taylor
Advances in real-time network vulnerability analysis - David Meltzer
Reversing and Exploiting Win32 Binaries - Jaguar
Stopping Stack Smashing Attacks - Paul Ducklin
Logging, Logic Bombs and Litigants: IT Security Law for non-lawyers - Andre Stein
Social Engineering - The gentle art of having the good guys help you commit evil - Daniel Lewkovitz
RUXCON Panel Discussion