Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Secure Destruction of HDs

Orient Instrument Computer in China produces some interesting machines that can magnetically destroy a HD in 0.1 seconds (a bit like a e-Bomb) using a magnetic field of 7000 Oe, even when it is still in a PC or laptop!! And there's another one that physically drills into the drive to physically damage it, although it's a pity it doesn't drill all the way through, which means with lots of $$$ it could be possible to recover some data using an electron tunneling microscope which can see the actual magnetic domains which represent the bits.

The Department of Defence in America apparently shoots their hard drives with guns and/or incinerates them in a super-hot furnace (hard drives damaged by normal fire can be recovered).

For more info on secure data destruction and methods of recovery you can check out this old but excellent article.