Sunday, July 04, 2004

WinXP SP2 RC2 Preview Now Available

Microsoft has released a preview for the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Release Candidate 2 at around 260Mb, click the link above for more info on the preview.

SP2 is a cumulative update (patches from SP1 are included) and uninstallation is possible. Some of the features include better:
  • Network protection
  • Memory protection
  • E-mail handling
  • Web browsing security
  • Computer maintenance

    Added new sections: NetSchedule and Task Scheduler APIs, Tablet PC Enhancements, Wireless Network Setup Wizard, Internet Explorer URLaction Settings in Group Policy.

    Revised sections: Data execution prevention, DCOM Security Enhancements, Filter for Add or Remove Programs, Setup, Download, Attachment, and Authenticode Enhancements, Internet Explorer File Download Prompt, Outlook Express E-mail Attachment Prompt, Add-on Install Prompt, Group Policy Internet Explorer Settings, Script repositioning of Internet Explorer windows, Zone Elevation Blocks

    Known Issues: With SP2, you cannot print or print preview a Web page that includes an ActiveX object, Media Library in Windows Media Player may become unviewable with Fast User Switching enabled, color distortion appears with S3 Graphics Video Adapter, streaming Windows Media files fail, MSN version 9.00.0011.1200 does not fully work, Windows Messenger 4.7.3 does not support MSN add-ins for Windows Messenger. See the readme file for possible fixes.

    Click here to go directly to the download page
    Or here for the SP2 Home Page