Wednesday, August 04, 2004

e-tax - DIY Free Tax Returns

General information about e-tax

What is e-tax?
The purpose of this information is to explain what e-tax is and help you get started. e-tax lets you prepare your tax return electronically and lodge online.

e-tax is a free service provided by the Tax Office.

Most people find e-tax easy to use. In fact, in 2003, over 800,000 Australians lodged their tax return using e-tax.

Availability of e-tax
e-tax 2004 will be available until 13 December 2004. You are required to lodge your tax return by 31 October 2004. However, as 31 October 2004 falls on a Sunday, you may lodge your tax return on 1 November 2004 without incurring a penalty.

We will try to process your e-tax return within 14 days of successful lodgment.

What are the benefits of using e-tax?

  • It's FREE :)
  • Quick turnaround. In most cases your tax return will be processed within 14 days.
  • Less effort. e-tax uses your answers from the questions it asks to automatically complete your tax return or baby bonus claim. And along the way, the computer can save you having to enter the same information more than once.
  • You can roll over last year’s information. If you used e-tax last year and you still have your tax file, you can roll over last year’s information in this year’s tax return.
  • Instant tax estimate. e-tax provides you with a progressive calculation of the tax payable or amount of your tax return.
  • No mistakes in arithmetic. Calculations are done automatically.
  • Help is only a click away. e-tax gives you access to Tax Office publications, rulings, help screens and examples.
  • Final estimate. When you have finished, you will get an estimate of your tax assessment.

What next?
Click the title above to go to the e-tax web site. Then download the software to start doing your tax return.

It is recommended that you only use the software on your home computer to protect your privacy.