Wednesday, September 29, 2004

EVE Online - massively multiplayer online game

Over the last few years we've seen the relese of more sophisticated and amazing massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) which now support 50,000 online gamers all playing at the same time.

EVE Online is a persistent world multiplayer online game set in space. Players are spaceship pilots seeking fortune and adventure in an exciting - and sometimes hostile - galaxy. To date, EVE Online has been able to support over 10,700 simultaneous players in one world on their servers! Which is a lot more than CounterStrike can support in one "world" :) And you can even alter your character's detailed appearance, like a simplified 3D modelling program with lighting, accessories and makeup!

When you log off the action continues in real time until you return to continue your online game.

The game's website is full of details and documentation about the game, it's development, and game elements. There's a new player guide here and a picture tutorial on the FAQ menu. New stories, news, pictures and even game features are added regularly to keep you engrossed in the game. That's another difference between online games and ones you buy from the shop - they continually evolve and players have direct input into how the game gets developed.

Like most great online games (such as EverQuest) EVE Online requires a subscription to play. Currently at 20 Euros for the first month (including game download and account creation) then $11-15/month depending on the subscription plan you purchase. All extra features and upgrades are free, all you pay for is the monthly subscription (but be wary of your ISP's download limits because online gaming can use up a lot of it). Which is pretty good value for money considering its less than $2 a day to be part of a single game with over 10,000 simlutaneous players.

Click this post's heading to find out more about EVE Online's features and why not give it a go? EVE Online looks to have great things comming.

MMOG's are growing by the day as more and more gamers join. Here is an article about the growth of MMOG subscriptions since 2002: