Monday, March 21, 2005


MITS is having a meeting on Wednesday March 23rd.

The room and time is yet to be determined, I will email the info on monday.
It will most likely be in E6A probably around 12pm.

We will be discussing the events that we are planning for 2005.

We want to get your input on whether or not a paticular event is a good event, and when best to hold the events, so that more members can come.

We will also be recruiting volunteers for the events. So if you want to volunteer please bring a copy of your timetable, preferably to hand in.

Dates of the events are yet to be finalised, so you can put you name down for the volunteer list, and when the dates are finalised, you can decide if you want to volunteer.

The meeting also gives us a great chance to meet the members, and for the members to meet other members.