Sunday, March 13, 2005

Welcome to MITS

Hope you enjoyed O-Week

Welcome to the Macquarie IT Society, I hope you guys gain Valuable Experience from attending the seminars set up for the year and at the same time you guys have fun and meet new people.

There are TWO events That's are being held this week, there are also posters around the comp labs. Also a Third Event run by Mentors@Macquarie for First year Students is held every Wednesday in March.

Event 1
CSIRO Technology Trends Seminar
Monday 14 March 2005

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

E6B 136

Services oriented computing: The challenges and opportunities in e-business development

Event 2


Tuesday 15 March 2005

Where Outside SAM Spot

12:00 PM - 2 PM

Volunteers needed to Help set up stall. please email me for more information.

Event 3

First Year 101

Any time between 11am and 1pm
Every Wednesday in March
Terrace, level 2 SAM (outside bar)
Social time for first years and mentors. Any questions answered.

I want to remind everyone the MITS BLOG will be used to:

  • Notify you about upcoming events

  • Give more information about upcoming events

  • Post other relevant news

  • Post Interesting articles that you guys might like to read.

If you don't receive our emails please come back to read this BLOG, the notice boards around the comp labs where we will put up posters about upcoming events.

Hope all you first years are starting to adjust to uni, if you have questions make sure you attend the First Year 101 event listed above, its a great way to meet new people and have your questions answered as well.

Finally anyone wanting to Volunteer for a position in MITS, please give us your name at the BBQ.