Sunday, April 24, 2005

blinkx 3.0 review by PC Magazine

  • Bottom Line
    Version 3 retains blinkx's unique implicit-query ability and Smart Folders while adding new features such as Lotus Notes support, additional per-user security, and more.

  • Pros
    Automatically locates and notifies you of local and Web content related to whatever you're currently working on. Indexes Lotus Notes content and e-mail. Previews local and Web results including video. Smart Folders automatically gather search results in real time. Indexing video and audio using speech recognition.

  • Cons
    Only indexes 500 million Web pages. Limit of 150,000 local files. Searching can be slow. Sporadic problems with indexing.

  • Download
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  • Article on blinkx TV

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  • Extract
    "blinkx 3.0 searches local documents and files, Web sites, news, blogs, and even television content, all at the same time. As with previous versions, you don't have to request a search explicitly. When you open a file or view a Web page, blinkx analyzes its text and makes an implicit query for similar content. Icons in the program's toolbar (which is embedded in the title bar of the active window) light up to show that a particular content type is available. Clicking on an icon displays a menu of the most likely hits with text excerpts; one click opens the local file, blog post, video clip, or other found item. You can also choose to enter an explicit query in blinkx's main window."

    "blinkx 3.0's Smart Folders automatically collect links to local and web-based items that are similar to existing documents in the folder or that match specified keywords. The new, Shareable Smart Folders will allow blinkx users share their Smart Folder training information—the info that tells the folder what to collect-- with others via an e-mail link. No actual documents or stored links are exchanged; the link only points to a page on Blinkx's site that stores the training portion of the Smart Folder. The recipient can either download the free blinkx utility in its entirety or download the Smart Folders component only. As soon as the Smart Folder is received, it starts gathering links that match its training and also searches the new end-user's local system for matching content. In the end, the Smart Folders on the two users' systems should have matching Web-based content and different local content."