Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Copper's cleverness makes it a whole new telecoms game

Why copper may be better than fiber - Click the heading to read the full article

"Telstra's ADSL2+ network delivers broadband speeds of between 12 and 25 megabits per second and already covers a few hundred thousand homes. That's fast enough for pay TV, video on demand, high speed and telephony. By mid next year it will be more or less fully national at a total cost of $210 million.

This makes talk of a $15 billion national fibre roll-out look very silly and outdated, and talk of giving Telstra an access holiday to encourage it to spend $15 billion looks even sillier.

By the way, it also makes the overlapping roll-outs in the '90s by SingTel's Optus and Telstra of $5 billion worth of hybrid fibre-coaxial cable look more stupid than they looked at the time. That network will be made entirely obsolete by ubiquitous high-speed, TV-capable ADSL before Foxtel posts a profit from the cable."

by Alan Kohler -