Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dual-core test results

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"A dual-core Pentium Extreme Edition at 3.2GHz scored up to 37 percent higher than a comparable single-core chip at 3.7GHz."

These test results are disappointing considering you have the power of two CPU cores and nowhere near 70% improvement in speed (2x3.2GHz / 3.7GHz). Hopefully pricing will reflect this.

"Early tests of Intel dual-core chips suggest dual- and multi-core systems will improve performance without pushing up clock speeds."

"However, using a lower clock speed lets the dual-core chip keep power consumption at about the same level as the single-core chip, and reduces the amount of heat generated. Though Extreme Edition chips are aimed at gamers, the results indicate how other dual-core chips are likely to perform."

The other issue is also that software needs to be written to take advantage of the extra core. Speed improvements don't happen automatically just be changing the CPU, so don't expect frame rates to increase that much :)