Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Intel Dual-Core CPUs

Let the Dual-Core Revolution Begin

In 2005 Intel will start shipping the new Intel Pentium processor Extreme Edition with two full processing cores. That's two CPU's in the physical package of one CPU! Allowing two threads (like two programs) to execute at the same time or four threads with Hyper-Threading (pseudo-parallel processing).

Click the heading above to read more and see a great animated demo of how it works.

"Dual-core processor-based PCs for the desktop are the next generation in PC computing performance and power. Combined with the Intel 955X Express Chipset, the Intel Pentium processor Extreme Edition supports Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology, making it a perfect solution for your most demanding multitasking needs. Power computing users, multimedia entertainment enthusiasts and gamers who crave optimum PC performance for audio, video, digital design, and high-end gaming are in for a treat."