Sunday, September 18, 2005

EVENT DETAIL - LAN Competitions

Here is the update on LAN competitions. (you have to register with SGL before you can attend the event, see their website for more info)

Location - MacUni
Size - 300 to 370
Date - Regos Open
01 October - 27 September (10:00 pm)
29 October - 25 October (10:00 pm)
19 November - 15 November (10:00 pm)
17 December - 13 December (10:00 pm)

(MITS members will be subsidised a portion of the cost, this will be determined by the number of people interested in the event.)

MITS Reimbursement Procedure:
  1. Inform MITS (via email) that you are going to attend the LAN and you have registered with SGL.
  2. ASK SGL for a receipt when you pay them.
  3. Inform MITS that you have attended and have a receipt.
  4. Schedule a time to meet with someone from MITS to receive your reimbursement.
  5. Give us the receipt.
More information: