Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Join us at #macuni on Austnet!

Ever wanted to:
  • talk to some students who are doing (or have already done) the subjects you have?
  • get some help with some tutorials or assignments?
  • make some more uni friends?
  • make some suggestions to MITS staff?

Well I can't guarantee anything, but you have a darned good chance of being able to do this stuff at the quasi-official Macquarie University IRC channel!

The channel is #macuni and it's on the AustNet IRC network.

If you're new to IRC you can read some easy-to-follow instructions from Dan (ch0c0).

Apart from the cool stuff listed above, we'll also be using this channel to discuss upcoming events and chatting about events that have just passed.

You most certainly do not need to be a MITS member to /join -- everyone's welcome!