Wednesday, May 25, 2005

EVENT DETAIL - MITS Exam Preparation Seminar

Want to learn some of the tips and tricks to getting better marks in your computing subjects? Why not come along to the MITS Exam Preparation Seminar!

I'll be giving a fairly short talk on some easy things you can do to boost your marks and even address some of the tips and tricks I have learned in various COMP subjects I have taken. We will also be joined by a COMP330 tutor and a COMP323 and ISYS123 tutor to share their advice.

COMP115, COMP225, COMP249, COMP323, COMP330, COMP340, COMP341, COMP342 and COMP343 will be covered briefly as well as general advice appropriate for everyone! There will be time to ask questions and you can always leave later if you don't want to stick around for the whole lot, so come along! This isn't just for MITS members, bring your mates!

Date: Thursday, 26 May at 1pm (TOMORROW)
Place: E6A.131
Duration: Certainly not more than an hour, most likely less.

Update: You can find the slides used for the presentation here. Also, it's probably worth adding that if past exam papers exist for one of your subjects you can find them online in MQ Library's e-Reserve section. Thanks for flying MITS airways!