Tuesday, August 30, 2005

EVENT DETAIL - Linux Seminar: Software Freedom Day

September 10 is Software Freedom Day! Since that's a Saturday we decided to hold something during the week so we can all attend.

Come and join us on Wednesday the 7th of September in C5C.T2 at 1pm for a talk by special guest Jeff Waugh from Canonical Ltd -- makers of the new and popular Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Come and find out what it means for software to be free (as in free speech, not free beer) and why the most famous piece free software, Linux, is becoming so successful. You can pick up some free CDs with full Linux distributions on them, including a LiveCD that you can boot from your computer to test out Linux before you change any files on your hard drive.

See you there!

UPDATE 1: Check out the poster we've been putting up (153KiB).

UPDATE 2: The event got a mention in the Sydney Morning Herald!

UPDATE 3: Thanks to the CSIRO, software demos and pizza-eating will take place in the CSIRO conference room in E6B from 2pm (after the talk at 1pm). Stick around after the talk and we'll walk over as a group.

Update 4: We snuck into The Word, the uni magazine from SAM (page 9).